In-Transit Nissan Vehicles in Columbus, GA, Near Fort Benning, LaGrange, & Cataula


In-Transit Nissan Vehicles in Columbus, GA, Near Fort Benning, LaGrange, & Cataula

Buying an in-transit Nissan from Headquarter Nissan in Columbus, GA ‐ near Fort Benning, LaGrange, and Cataula, GA, and Auburn and Phenix City, AL ‐ ensures you can get the exact Nissan you're looking for!

What is an in-transit Nissan vehicle?

Headquarter Nissan is constantly receiving new vehicles from Nissan's distribution centers. A vehicle labeled as "in-transit" means it is scheduled to be built for our dealership and arrive within the next 10 to 45 days. We update our in-transit inventory page daily, so if you don't see the specific Nissan you want on our regular inventory page, check this page or contact us!

Why buy an in-transit Nissan vehicle?

You'll get exactly what you want. With over 400 vehicles arriving every 90 days, Headquarter Nissan can find your perfect match OR special order it for you!

You'll lock in the best deal. We won’t add unnecessary or extra charges to your deal like the competition.

You'll reserve your vehicle. The reservation is specifically for you! We will make sure your chosen Nissan is prioritized and set aside for you once it's built.

You might qualify for additional incentives. When your vehicle arrives at Headquarter Nissan, we'll apply any current incentives to your purchase to sweeten the deal.

How can I reserve my in-transit Nissan?

To reserve your in-transit Nissan, simply choose the one you want from our in-transit inventory OR call us and we'll locate your perfect match. Click HERE to get started.

Next, contact us to lock in your deal. We do require a deposit on your chosen Nissan so we can reserve it and inform the manufacturer that it is sold.

One of our product specialists will contact you with updates on the status of your Nissan delivery. When it arrives, we'll get you to complete all the required paperwork. For more information, contact us OR fill out the form.