‘OEM Parts Are Expensive, So I Buy Cheap!’ – The Problem With This Statement!

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When your car develops a problem, you choose between OEM & aftermarket parts. The former is pricier but virgo intacta, while the latter is, well, another car’s hand-me-downs. You need to understand that roasting about getting aftermarket parts can be a deal-breaker in some conditions.


Headquarter Nissan, the auto dealership with a firm emphasis on all things authentic & reliable, lays out the pros & cons of OEM & aftermarket parts.


Conditions Where Aftermarket Is A Bad Idea:

  • If your car is insured.
  • If you intend on reselling your car at a profit.
  • If you want your car to retain its original parts.
  • If you have outstanding warranties on car parts.
  • If you are a patron of Headquarters Nissan.


Yup, we said it! Look, your car is a hefty investment, and it does not make sense to switch one make’s aged alternator for another’s used one. You don’t even know where it’s been & how long it will last. Have you ever considered how long aftermarket parts survive before you need another one? You can never recover the long-term costs if you think aftermarket is cheap = reliable.


Why Go For OEM?

This is not some biased argument designed to force you to invest in OEM parts for your vehicle. Your car is meant to function efficiently, and that is affected if any part is less-than-efficient.


I mean, if you’re that much into used parts, then why not get used engine oil for your New 2022 Nissan Altima? Why even bother buying a marvel in the finest automotive engineering if you can’t even provide it with authentic fluids, let alone parts.


Seriously, go to a shady auto mechanic to get another make’s compressor or clutch plate for your Nissan, fine. You might find compatibility, but bid adieu to your insurance & expect a lot of problems to arise as the used part breaks down and triggers cascade failures.


The Boons Of OEM Parts

With OEM parts, you get more warranties, you get certified technicians & mechanics at your beck & call, and your insurance covers you for these perks. If you want your Nissan to perform just like you see in the adverts, you better treat it to the maintenance & service it deserves. In essence, our service & parts ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, is far better for your car than aftermarket blunders!


At Headquarters Nissan, serving Hamilton, GA, is serious about their cars. We provide only the best in Nissan autos across new to pre-owned. And if you are fidgeting over the gas prices, you can still hunker down 500 gallons worth of a bonus on our behalf with your purchase of our used trucks. You can browse our inventory over our online store today!

Of course, you will be returning to us for a thorough & much-loved service, plus maintenance. While you schedule a visit, may we tempt you with our fresh-off-the-manufactory OEM auto parts & tire store?

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